Happy Lantern Festival!

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Yuan Xiao

Yuan Xiao is a traditional Chinese food that is eaten during the lantern festival. It is usually made of glutinous rice and filling. According to Chinese customs, people in the north usually cook it on the Lantern Festival and New Year’s Day on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Yuan Xiao is not the only name of this dish, it is called variety of names such as Mianjian, Fenguo, Yuanbao, Tangbing, Yuanbuluo. A bowl of Yuan Xiao, the moon in the sky, is also eaten by each member of the family and symbolizes love and togetherness. Therefore, eating Yuan Xiao expresses people's love for family and being together.

HIBC has prepared Yuan Xiao

From picture we can feel 

Yuan Xiao is soft and sweet

Let’s have a taste

HIBC also prepared 

Lantern riddles

Come and guess!!!

Guessing lantern riddlesalso known as "playing lantern riddles", is an added activity after the Lantern Festival, which first appeared in the Song dynasty. During the southern Song dynasty, the capital of Lin 'an also celebrated the Lantern Festival with special cultural fans. At the beginning, the riddles are written on a note, posted on colorful lights for people to guess. The riddle can bring interest and wisdom to everyone who reads it.

With their minds

and a bowl of hot Yuan Xiao

Try to figure out the answer of lantern riddle

In China, after the Lantern Festival

Is the real start of the new year

Everyone who guesses the riddle right

Wins a lucky red envelope


 Now we start the New Year

HIBC is with you from this moment

We will have more fun together

We look forward to seeing you


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