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Being an entrepreneur it’s not as easy as it looks. Only 4 percent of small businesses that start make it to their second year, and even less make it into their third year. This does not need to be the fate of your business if you start it at HIBC.

More and more people from all over the world are flocking to China with the goal of doing business here but many are overwhelmed by the challenges and different business culture occurred.

As HIBC we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem that help international businesses overcome the hurdles when they are coming to China. Since its’ beginning, HIBC has helped more than 350 clients from all over the world relocated to Shenzhen, has hosted more than 150 companies in our flexible office spaces, and has held more than 80 community events. HIBC provides coworking, coliving spaces, business registration services, manufacturing services, legal and tax services, IP, mentorship, and more.

We have strong commitment towards startups and small business, we are keen spirited on reverting those statistics and making you succeed with all others fail. In that endeavor we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a series of workshops in this December,where we will provide you with the tools and skill-set that every aspiring entrepreneur must possess in order to survive the many challenges that come with doing business in China.

Let’s get you China ready! 

Events Schedule


IP Protection in China’s Tech industry 



HR challenges for foreign startups in China



From prototype to commercialize


IP Protection in China's Tech industry 


Want to start a business in China but have concerns about IP protection? This seems bothering a lot of tech startups. Let’s find out what are the protections for ur IP in China


Date日期: 3rd, Dec, 2019

Time时间: 18:30-21:00


Agenda 活动流程:

18:30 Registartion 签到

19:00-20:00 IP Protection in China’s Tech industry  中国科技领域的知识产权保护

20:00-20:30 Panel Discussion 讨论

20:30-21:00 Networking 自由交流


We will discuss 活动议题:

Risks and concerns about IP protection in China  


IP protection options  


General process of IP protection in China: Case study.   


Differences between Chinese and global IP industries    


Does an European registered patent has legal effect in China? 


What distinct areas are the Chinese patent law covers? 


What are the steps of register a trade mark in China?


Copyright registration procedure?



 Speaker 嘉宾 



Luis Felipe Borja

Attorney & International Department Manager    AndunIP


律师& 国际发展部经理  



Luis Felipe is an Ecuadorian Attorney with over a decade of experience in the legal sector. Currently, he is the Manager of the International Department at AndunIP (Shenzhen); a data-driven intellectual property protection platform in China. At AndunIP, Luis Felipe provides legal consultancy for international clients on IP protection laws, regulations and policies in China. He also focuses on the development of AndunIP internationally.


Edward Zeng


WZIP Global IP Advisory


首席运营官  完整知产


With more than 10 years' experience in IP (trademark, copyright, and patent), product compliance, social compliance management, and capacity building, Edward uses his knowledge and expertise to educate international brands and domestic companies on best practices in the compliance system to avoid the risks related to IP, product and business ethics. 


Cassie Xia

CEO & 创始人


HIBC 弘夏国际


Through HIBC (Hong Xia International Business Consultancy) Cassie aims to create an inclusive ecosystem that helps international businesses overcome the hurdles they may face when entering the Chinese market.

Tickets 门票:

HIBC members: FREE 





68RMB ( Before1st, Dec) 早鸟票

88RMB 常规票


 HR challenges for foreign startups in China 


As an entrepreneur you’ll certainly often feel like you’re alone, but the sheer workload means it will eventually be necessary to hire a team. 

However, it is not always easy, especially as a foreigner to manage a team in China.



Date日期: 4th, Dec, 2019

Time时间: 18:30-21:00


Agenda 活动流程:

18:30 Registartion 签到

19:00-20:00 Workshop: HR challengs of foreign startups in China.外资初创企业在华招聘的挑战

20:00-20:30 Q&A

20:30-21:00 Networking 自由交流


We will discuss 活动议题:

How to attract good candidates as a startup?

How to manage millennials employees?

How much will be the cost of hiring in China?

How can I manage the team if I’m always out of China?




 Speaker 嘉宾 

           Tracy Fan                     Nicolas Zhu

       Co-founder of Brighttoo                                       Co-founder of Brightto

About Brighttoo


Brighttoo dedicates to support entrepreneurs , startups to start business in China. It provides one-stop HR services including Recruitment, outsourcing, HR management, compensation & benefit management, daily communication and other admin services, making employment easier in China.

Tickets 门票:

HIBC members: FREE 





48RMB ( Before1st, Dec) 早鸟票

68RMB 常规票


 From prototype to commercialize 


From prototype to commercialize

What to expect as a hardware startup in China?

What are VCs looking for startups in China?





日期:2019.12.6 周五


Date: 6th, Dec, 2019   Friday

Time: 18:30-21:00


Agenda 活动流程:

18:30  Registration 签到

19:00~19:40  Hardware startup sharing 创客分享

19:50~20:30 圆桌论坛

20:30~21:00 Networking Free pizza and beer  自由交流,免费啤酒披萨


We will discuss 活动议题:

What are the difficulties will a hardware startup face in China?  


From prototype to commercialize what would be critical steps you need to take?


How are raise money in China as a startup?


What are Chinese VCs looking for?


What are the barriers I need to overcome if I want to start business in China?




 Speaker 嘉宾 


Kuanchen Chen 陈冠

CEO & Founder 创始人    

Preter Audio


Demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. Skilled in Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production. Strong Business development professional with a Mechanical engineering degree and a Bachelor of music technology focused in music production from Griffith university Queensland Conservatorium.


Sergio Del Rio

VP of Production 产品部副总     

Waverly Labs


Inspired by personal experiences to connect across language barriers, Waverly Labs was founded in 2014 at the convergence of wearable technology and speech translation. In 2016 we debuted Pilot, the first smart earbuds with live translation, selling over 35k units and $8MM in gross sales. Now we’re ready to introduce the Ambassador.


Jhonny Chen 陈伟峰

Co-Founder and director 

联合创始人& 总监     

Draco Capital  珑盛资本

Johnny Chen  is currently the Co-Founder and director of Draco Capital Ltd and the investment director of Gaofu Huifu Family Office Investment Consulting (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd, as well as the adjunct mentor and business consultant of Inno 17 Alliance Accelerator. 


Shawn Li 李晓刚

VP of Investment  
Oriental Fortune Capital 东方富海

Since 2017he joined Oriental Fortune Capital (OFC Capital), one of the leading venture capitalsin China. Currently, he is the VP of Investment of OFC Capital.
Nearly 10 years experiences in VC, specialized in new materials and manufacturing project investment, participated in the equity , mergers and acquisitions fund, project investment, financiallicenses (futures, private equity funds), mergers and other business.


Cassie Xia

CEO 创始人
HIBC 弘夏国际
Through HIBC (Hong Xia International Business Consultancy) Cassie aims to create an inclusive ecosystem that helps international businesses overcome the hurdles they may face when entering the Chinese market.

Tickets 门票:

HIBC members: FREE 





68RMB ( Before1st, Dec) 早鸟票

88RMB 常规票


At our exclusive workshops, you will have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences and learn from them, all while you expand your network. You will also get the chance to get advice, from seasoned specialists, mentors, who will share their professional knowledge on the different areas regarding the creation and sustainability of a business. Finally, you shall have a unique opportunity of pitching your business idea to a panel of investors, placing you just a small step away from getting that much needed and sometimes so evasive seed money.

Limited Space, Please RSVP!

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