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HIBC provides premium business services to aspiring entrepreneurs in China. Our passion is to help your business grow, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism.

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  • Victoria Teixeira

    Head of APAC Office and Operations

    HIBC has made my integration into China much easier than I could have antedated. They not only helped me find apartment, an office,but also our WOFE registration.

  • Dr. Oyvind Isaksen

    CEO of poLight

    We have now been with HIBC for 2 years. HIBC has helped us to be well facilitated in China. We first only using their office now moving our accounting and tax with them too.

  • Dr. Ranko Vujosevic

    Founder & CEO of Optimal Electronics

    HIBCE made registering my company in China an easy process and have provided top notch service since day one. The office has everything I need for an affordable price.

  • Nathan Dotson

    HIBC‘ s flexible office spaces were a wonderful help to my restaurant company. Great location, professional, and affordable space were more than enough to suit our needs.

  • 胡冶明

    汇铭精装工程顾问 创始人


  • 苗翔

    翔盛信息咨询 创始人

    作为一名初创业者,弘夏国际从办公室租赁、注册公司到财务报税等全流程服务,帮我分担了众多新企业开办的流程问题. 精美装修的办公室可以拎包入驻,实在是省时而且省心的。

  • 李佩菁

    菁一国际 创始人


  • Mark Wu IFS-SGT

    我们在HIBC 办公已经两年多了,感觉非常不错!这里地理位置非常好,毗邻地铁站。有驻场工作人员提供专业且贴心的服务,非常感谢HIBC 两年多对我们的支持和服务,让我们在这里安心的工作!

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